Flying Frog LLC Pilates Studio & GYROTONIC® Method

At Flying Frog LLC, we offer Pilates, GYROTONIC® method, and Muscle Activation Technique (MAT). The goal of Flying Frog LLC is to help people discover their body’s greatest movement potential. By having an understanding of how your breath naturally flows and supports the body, you can achieve a safe and playful approach to exercise. 

The GYROTONIC® method is relatively new to metropolitan Milwaukee. The Cobra Elite Tower is designed to use three dimensional spiral movements that complement the more linear movements of Pilates. GYROTONIC® method focuses on mobility and Pilates focuses on stabilization. Both of these modalities focus on the importance of breath. Then add in the MAT session to find your muscle weakness, and continue to prevent injuries and even help recover from injury.


About the Teacher

Lisa Moberly graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance.  While in college she began teaching dance classes and was exposed to Pilates. After graduation she enjoyed performing with professional companies in Madison and Chicago. While living in Chicago in 1999, Lisa became a fully certified Pilates instructor with over 800 hours of training and began teaching in Illinois. She feels fortunate to have studied with Cathy Grant, Michele Larrson, Gary Calderone and Amy Alpers and has enjoyed taking classes from Eric Franklin and Elizabeth Larkam. 


When Lisa moved to Milwaukee, she began teaching in various health clubs and dance studios.  Since 2006 she has enjoyed teaching beginning through advanced levels of dance and Pilates at Danceworks and the Department of Dance at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.


In 2010, after the birth of her son, Lisa began teaching Pilates and modern dance to academy level students at the Milwaukee Ballet School. At the same time she began her GYROKINESIS® training. This movement has been a perfect compliment to not only her dance students but her Pilates clients who were rehabilitating in physical therapy. Dance, Pilates and GYROTONIC® method are a great blend and allow her to continue to perform. 


In May of 2017, Lisa completed a 10 month training, followed by a 2 day final test out to become a certified Muscle Activation Technique, (MAT), Specialist. This new technique tests the range of motion and compares right to left side of the entire body, finds a limitation, and works on increasing the neurological pathway to get the weak muscles stronger. It has been a wonderful addition to helping people move with their greatest potential.